What Is High Jewellery

What exactly is high Jewellery, and what sets it apart from fine Jewellery?

It’s safe to say that high Jewellery is likely to be very expensive, as a Google search confirms with the likes of Graff, Boodles, Chopard, Piaget, Chaumet and Tiffany, to name just a few appearing on page one.

Whereas if you do a similar search for fine Jewellery, it brings up the likes of Selfridges, Harrods and Not On The High street.

Is High Jewellery more than just a synonym for expensive Jewellery?

I have been designing and making Jewellery and inspiring clients for the best part of 40 years, and I can’t say what defines high Jewellery. I have, of course, heard of the term, but to find a single definition that everyone in the jewellery trade could agree on there, I would struggle. Probably most would say you know when you see it.

I think there is total agreement that a high Jewellery piece should contain the most exceptional quality of rare gems and precious metals. Be of distinctive design, exquisite craftsmanship (presumably handmade), and probably come from a famous designer or jewellery house.

That said, the jewellery piece will be costly but hold its value on the flip side. And a very rare or bespoke piece is most likely to gain in value, not just keep it.

Are the materials and artistry the signature that defines High Jewellery?

Uniquely when many of the world’s most famous jewellery designers combine precious and non-precious elements. And renowned international luxury fine jewellery houses also make pieces for ‘ordinary people, not just the rich or royals?

Tiffany & Co is the perfect example of this cross-over as they make high jewellery pieces, but most of their revenue is generated from mass-produced silver and gold pieces. Boodles does something similar to every other brand that offers affordable Jewellery for the masses alongside their high-end brand.

Where should I visit to see High Jewellery Designs?

If you want to see a lot of high jewellery pieces in one place, a visit to London’s Bond Street is a must, and further afield, the Place Vendôme in Paris is the best place to go. It was initially laid out in 1702 as a monument to the successes of the army of King Louis XIV. This grandeur and exclusive square (in the city’s tony First Arrondissement) today attracts leading global luxury jewellery brands.

The world of Jewellery Making is changing.

So, in conclusion, High Jewellery is associated with being handmade with the finest gems and material and a price tag to match, fine Jewellery is associated with luxury, and all other forms of Jewellery are made for Ordinary People.

Well, no more today. With the introduction of 3D CAD jewellery design, having something made just for you no longer comes with an inflated price tag. So you can have something made just for you that matches or surpasses anything you can see in a branded or luxury Jewellery Store.

By commissioning a bespoke jewellery piece, you can be involved in the design process and choose from a collection of unique one-off designs of stunning gemstones and precious metals that match your budget and lifestyle while simultaneously supporting Jewellery Made-in Britain.

Bespoke High Jewellery is not associated with wealth or grandeur but rather uniqueness and quality while removing the premium price tag.

Discover more about creating High Jewellery at a price you can afford without substituting quality.

If you want to learn more about bespoke and designing directly from your home with a ZOOM or SKYPE video call, Home Garden Visit or Street PLEASE GET IN TOUCH 0800 024 8940 or email me with your questions at david@davidlawjeweller.com.

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