There are many reasons you should choose a beautiful bespoke jewellery piece rather than merely buying something from your local jewellery store or an online establishment.

Your jewellery piece will be unique to you and will be designed perfectly to reflect the personality and style of the intended wearer; you can control the budget and be involved throughout the design process.
How to buy jewellery?

In the previous year, when purchasing jewellery, you had two options go to your local jewellery shop and buy something off the shelf or seek a jewellery designer if you were looking for a piece a little different from the norm and unique to you.

Buying Jewellery Online

Today, there is a new kid on the block who has undoubtedly muddied the water, and that is the online jeweller. When online Jewellery was first set up, most of it was readymade fashion jewellery; slowly, diamond jewellery started to appear with the typical slogan “Buy from us online 70% cheaper than retail.”

Up to that point, it was still a simple choice for the consumer to go to a jewellery store and buy something you have seen, go to an online shop and purchase from a picture and on price point, or go bespoke.

Buying Bespoke Jewellery

A bespoke jewellery piece when I was growing up in the trade was a handmade piece made to order, typically from a set of 2D drawings and from a selection of handpicked stones to choose from while receiving expert help and advice from a master jeweller.

Without a doubt, you used to pay a premium over a readymade piece but then again, what price can you put on Jewellery made just for you?

However, no such premium is applied by combining the latest technology with traditional hand skills whilst still working with a master jeweller to produce beautifully made, one-off bespoke Jewellery to your specifications, a piece to cherish forever.

Bespoke Versus an Online Purchase

Now, let’s examine the difference in finer detail regarding what bespoke means if you purchase online compared to meeting face-to-face with a bespoke jeweller; for this example, we will use the purchase of a bespoke engagement ring.

Many establishments online call it Make Your Own or Design your Own – typically, that means – Choose your diamond – ring setting – metal.

Create your ring online

First, choose your diamond shape–ring setting style from a pre-made mass-produced selection and pick your precious metal.

Moving on, you can now adjust your diamond by choosing the colour – the clarity and the cut. What is worth bearing in mind is that you will make those choices based on what you have researched rather than receiving expert help and advice.

With your diamond specifications, you will be presented with a list of diamonds from which to choose your stone. You will then have to make full payment. Your ring will then go into production and be posted to you.

Working with a master jeweller

All bespoke jewellers work in different ways. The only common denominator is the final ring will be made just for you, a real one-of-a-kind. For this comparison, I have used the way I create a bespoke engagement ring, as I believe nobody offers more choice in custom design.

In Conclusion

It’s all about choice. For some, going to a jewellery shop and coming away with a ring on the finger is a beautiful experience. For others, buying online is the way to go, and there is nothing wrong with that. So I take issue with mixing a custom-made ring where the elements already exist (mass-produced ring designs) with a bespoke ring designed from an idea that will never be repeated.

The message needs clarity so that you, the buyer, can decide what is right for you.

If you want to learn more about bespoke and designing directly from your home with a ZOOM or SKYPE video, call PLEASE GET IN TOUCH 0800 024 8940 or email me with your questions at




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